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How to Get Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

Reliable web hostingIn this guide on how to get cheap and reliable web hosting, I will walk you through the steps to sign up with a good web hosting company so that you can start your own business online. It is a gross disservice to yourself and business if you don't have an online identity and brand of your own.

Online business owners and shoppers want to see your footprints and credibility on the web before they can do business with you. To this end, you need a website of your own which you can easily refer people to when they are in doubt as to whether or not to do business with you.

With a reliable web hosting, you can host domain names on your server, build a website or create a blog on as many domain names as you wish to develop with your good business ideas. When you have good website hosting in place, you can make money online with the flip of fingers especially if you are deeply into domain name investing.

Although there are many ways to make money with domain names but the most lucrative of them all is by building simple websites on your domain names. You can do this successfully by registering a domain name and using WordPress blog to create a website on it in 1-2 hours maximum.

You don't have to be SEO guru to buy and sell websites or blogs profitably. No! All you need to succeed is your ability to install WordPress blog on your domain name from a paid web hosting company, customize it as a website and write and publish an SEO article on it. Yes, just one article on the home page.

I know blogging daily to attract targeted traffic is a difficult task for most people and if this is you, there is nothing to worry about. Simply install WordPress blog on your domain name and turn it to a niche website so that it can start getting trickles of targeted traffic. In this case, you don't have to publish blog posts regularly like bloggers do because your blog has been converted to a website.

Side Note: At the end of this guide, I have included my email address for you to reach out to me after you have successfully signed up with my recommended web host. I will send you a simple domain name investing guide I am currently working on right now. It will teach you smart ways to make money with domain names. If you are having drought in buying and selling domain names and websites, this online business guide is all you need to start making $100 per day online. Don't miss it! You'll be glad you did and thank me later.

Here is how to get cheap and reliable web hosting to start a business online.

Step #1: Register a Domain Name

You've to buy a domain name for your internet business which you will never sell. This is your primary domain name which you will use to sign up with your web host. It will become your virtual office or store where you can promote your products and services. If you are into affiliate marketing business, this is the best place to write product reviews and publish on your blog.

But before you get a domain name, make sure you can think of at least one online business idea which you can start with it. In this regard, keyword domain name can be the best to register and develop into a blog. For example, I purchased recently which I hope to start a blog with in the business consulting and freelance business services.

For cheap domain name registration, I use website. Their domain registration portal's interface is easy to navigate and you don't have to be tech savvy to register a domain name with them. Also, I like to separate my domain name registrar from my web hosting company so that I can have the flexibility of an online business owner.

Step #2: Buy Web Hosting

You've to purchase web hosting with cPanel environment in order to make it easy for you to install WordPress blog on your domain for free with one-click button. Because I use HostGator and Bluehost web hosting companies, I'm going to explain the sign up process on how to get cheap and reliable web hosting with HostGator.

Don't forget that HostGator website hosting and Bluehost website hosting are pioneers in the industry. So, I can vouch and recommend their services to any blogger, webmaster, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, domain name investor, or whoever you are.

Their uptime, customer support with live chat, speed, security, pricing, backup, storage, bandwidth, email, and so on, are second to none. If you are hosting your web site or blog with pop and mom website hosting companies, you're literally putting your money in the hands of strangers. Anything can happen to your web business at short notice.

I have been doing business online for over a decade now and I have never had cause to regret using HostGator web hosting services. I strongly believe in excellent services and that is what attracted me to them.

First and foremost, click here to go to HostGator official website to get cheap and reliable web hosting. Click on the “Get started” button as shown in the screenshot below to go to HostGator hosting plans web page.

HostGator shared hosting

Next, click the “Buy Now!” button in the HostGator Baby Plan shared hosting.

HostGator Baby Plan

HostGator Baby Plan will allow you to host unlimited domain names on the same account. In other words, you'll not have any restriction even if you have hundreds or thousands of domains to host with your account.

Please, you've to take note that it is the Baby and Business plans that will allow you to host unlimited domains in one account. The HostGator Hatchling plan will only allow you to host a single domain name. This plan will not meet your future needs when you want to grow your online business and expand it.

If you've clicked the HostGator Baby Plan, you will be taken to their check out page where you will be required to fill out your personal information in order to enable them to create your account.

The first item at the check out page is to “Choose a Domain.” Since you already have a registered domain name, you have to click the “I Already Own This Domain.”

If you don't have any domain name yet, you can click the “Register a New Domain” to get one from HostGator. They may offer you a free domain name on selected extensions or TLDs (top level domains).

When I clicked the “I Already Own This Domain” and typed my preferred domain in the domain search field immediately below “Enter Your Domain,” it recognized it as my primary domain.

The step 2 of your website hosting sign up is to “Choose a Hosting Plan.” Well, you have already done so. However, you may want to double check for any changes or adjustments. You have to type your preferred user name and PIN you can easily remember. For this HostGator sign up tutorial, I entered my username and PIN to move forward with the registration.

The third step is to “Enter Your Billing Info.” You can follow the fields and enter every information required from you. You're safe and secure with HostGator.

The fourth step is the “Add Additional Services.” These HostGator add-on services will increase the cost of your web hosting ultimately. If you don't need these add-on services right away, you can uncheck the boxes that were selected by default.

For instance, I will uncheck the box beside “SiteLock Monitoring” and “Site Backup.”

The second add-on service is site backup. You can always find free WordPress plugins that do the same website backup without paying anything.

Now, we have come to the most important section of the HostGator sign up form which is the item 5. This is where you can enter HostGator coupon code to enjoy discount when you finally click the order button.

The total cost of HostGator website hosting is $358.20 for 3 years for the Baby Plan. But if you enter BUSINESSDOER in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS as your coupon code, you will enjoy a whopping discount of $216. 71.

All you have to do is to delete the default HostGator discount coupon and enter BUSINESSDOER in the discount coupon field. When you have done that, click the “Validate” button as shown in the image below.

For you to be sure that your validation is successful, take a look at the screenshot below.

In conclusion, you have to take a second look at your final order to make sure that the amount reflected in it is what you are prepared to pay.

If the screenshot above is your final order, then you can tick the agreement box and click the “Checkout Now” button to finalize your order.

After you have ticked the agreement box, the "Checkout Now!" button will be fully highlighted as shown below. Click the check out button to process your order. If it is successful, you will get the full details and receipt of your payment in your email box which you supplied in your sign up process.

As it were, with just $141.49 cash investment or fees paid for 3 years in advance for HostGator website hosting, you can do a lot of legitimate online business opportunities without restrictions.

When people doing business with you are skeptical because of your country of residence, you can quickly refer them to your established website where you must have been chronicling your entrepreneur's journey and gaining credibility and trust with past customers.

It gives you a clean bill of health to do business with a lot of online shoppers and buyers with confidence. You may even request testimonials from some of your satisfied customers and publish it on your blog. This is the best way to do business and make money on the internet without insults from suspicious people from other climes.

You will also find it easy to enter into joint ventures, affiliate programs or partnerships with other online business owners and webmasters because you have a brand and business others can easily refer to. It is a win-win situation for investing $141.49 to buy web hosting for 3 years.

Ask me, even if you are a rank newbie or beginner, you can sell blog you've created in 1-2 hours for $1,200 within 3-6 months. Yes, I will be releasing a blueprint on how to create a blog and turn it to a website in a matter of hours as a domain name investor and sell it as turnkey website business. It is doable!

If you have followed my online business guide to the letter, then you stand a chance of getting my premium ebook for free from this link and it will help you to recover your web hosting fees in record time.

I'm not going to release this electronic book to the public because it will reveal sacred and secret information about successful domain name investing. I can assure you that building wealth from the web is possible in a matter of months. Watch out for the e-book!

Again, as a reminder, you can click the link above to request for the handbook as soon as it is ready. I will register you as one of the first beneficiaries to download it. If you have any question to ask or contribution to make, please do so from the comment section. This is how to get cheap and reliable web hosting from HostGator.

You'll succeed!

Copyright. All rights reserved. This is part of our digital marketing training courses. You can click the preceding link to get started today and earn money online as a business doer and owner!

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