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Email Marketing Using GetResponse Autoresponder

GetResponse autoresponder service

Email marketing using GetResponse autoresponder service is a great way to start an online business and build relationship with your target audience and maximize ROI (return on investments).

Being in constant contact with your blog readers, prospects and customers can only be possible if you're making use of reliable email marketing software. And that is what I will be discussing and explaining in this blog article right away.

What is Email Marketing?

It is a system of regularly communicating with your target market with the help of a tool otherwise known as autoresponder software which is specifically designed and developed for this purpose.

However, this online marketing tool usually comes at a monthly cost. But I want you to know that every ESP (email service provider) has its own areas of strength in providing email communication services to its teeming subscribers and customers.

But any reliable email marketing software should have the basic features expected of such tool which include autoresponder, message broadcasting capability, marketing automation, split testing, tracking, and much more.

You're definitely going to work less and earn more if you are able to integrate autoresponder service in your marketing campaigns and sales funnel as an online business owner.

Statistically, it has been proven that you stand to earn between $0.50 and $1.00 per subscriber if you are using email marketing software to generate leads and propel your internet business to the next level.

Let's assume that you've signed up with an ESP such as GetResponse and you're able to build an email list of subscribers from scratch of about 1,000 within 3 months.

Let's further assume that your email subscribers are highly targeted. Also, you've spot-on marketing messages being regularly delivered to your list's inboxes, superior content delivery on and outside your blog, and need-filling product promotions.

With the above scenario, you can assuredly boast of making $1,000 per month online from promoting your own or affiliate products. This is the beauty of integrating email marketing system into your online business i.e. having the ability to make passive income online from the snap of the fingers.

Just to make sure that you understand the benefits of email marketing inside out, you can click here now for a free e-book download by Neil Patel in collaboration with GetResponse team which clearly demonstrated why every email marketer, blogger, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, webmaster or online business owner should invest in autoresponder service.

Why GetResponse Autoresponder Service?

If you ask me, email service providers are a dime a dozen on the World Wide Web. Trying to search and settle for the best email marketing software is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The best advice I can offer to you is to go for email software that is budget friendly, reliable and has all the basic features necessary for you to build an email list of subscribers from scratch without sacrificing anything.

Without sounding biased in any way, this is why I started with GetResponse autoresponder and I will gladly recommend it to every aspiring internet entrepreneur who is considering to sign up with good email service provider.

GetResponse Pricing

Click here to take a look at Get Response pricing. It is really budget friendly and it is the lowest in the industry at entry point when you juxtapose it with other competitors in the market.

Above all, they provide excellent value to their clients including vast knowledge base, prompt customer support service, etc, with as little as $15 per month for you to start building mailing list of up to 1,000 subscribers.

But if you don't want to invest a cent right now for GetResponse sign up, there is no problem at all. You can click here now to sign up for GetResponse free trial. 

GetResponse free trial
It will allow you to make use of their premium services which include all the features available to paying customers. You will not be requested to submit any credit card information to get started.

You can then use the GetResponse 30-day free trial to familiarize yourself with how autoresponder services works and evaluate its usefulness to meeting your online marketing cum business goals.

How to Use GetResponse Email Marketing Service

If your ultimate goal is to start a successful email marketing campaign and make money online, you've to read the following paragraphs with rapt attention.

First, you've to get online business tools and services listed below and set them up properly.

  1. Register a domain name. Click here for my preferred discount domain name registrar. But before you check out with your domain name registration, enter GRTECH as your coupon code. Your domain registration cost will be reduced by $1.00 from 
  2. Buy web hosting. Click here to get web hosting from HostGator. Type BUSINESSDOER as your HostGator coupon code and validate it before you finally check out. Depending on the number of months you decide to subscribe to, you can enjoy as much as $216.71 discount for 3 years of HostGator Baby plan. 
  3. GetResponse email marketing service. Click here to sign up with GetResponse autoresponder service. They are beginner friendly and you can easily navigate their interface. 
  4. Start a blog for free. If you purchase web hosting from a company using cPanel software to power their services, you should be able to create a blog for free and make money online with self hosted WordPress blog. Needless to mention, HostGator website hosting uses cPanel hosting software to run on their business platform. 
  5. Create digital product or service to give away for free. You can write an ebook for free download or create a video which you will use on your lead magnet page. Your digital product should focus on providing solutions to needs, problems or gaps which you've identified in your target niche market. I usually make use of Google Keyword Planner tool to discover questions that people are asking in any niche market which I am targeting. Providing answers to these questions is the best way to get high conversion rate from your marketing efforts to your landing page. 
  6. Follow up email autoresponder messages. Create 2-3 weeks follow-up messages at reasonable interval for your new subscribers to warm them up. Building trust and bonding with subscribers in the first few days of their subscription is critical to your success. You should not allow your mailing list of subscribers to become cold so soon after they sign up. 
  7. Create thank you page, download page and a folder to upload your free ebook. Simply go into your hosting dashboard and exclude these pages and folder from being indexed by search engines using the robots txt file. 
  8. Generate targeted traffic to your landing page with SEO (search engine optimization), pay per click advertising, media buying, content marketing, guest blogging, forum marketing, blog comments, social media marketing, just to mention a few. You cannot do all of them at one go. No! Start with one and master it. 
  9. Refine and improve on what is working through testing, tracking, analyzing and reporting.

In conclusion, investing less than $100 to start an online business that is fully automated is the best decision you can take right now as an entrepreneur. Although email marketing may seem daunting and complex for first timers, you can learn and master it in a matter of days.

I can tell and assure you that it is far superior and cheaper to all other digital channels available on the web. And to add to this, you own the traffic because all the subscribers in your list are at your beck and call until they unsubscribe.

Do you want to get started immediately? Great! Click here for GetResponse sign up page for the 30-day free trial. You'll succeed!

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