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How to Start Making Money Online Right Now

How to Start Making Money Online Right Now

Today, I want to discuss and explain how to start making money online right now from the comfort of your home and without breaking the bank. However, this money making system will be well suited for intermediate and advanced internet marketers and not for beginners per se.

You need smattering internet marketing experience to successfully implement the steps involved and make it work for you. First, let's take a cursory look at the tools and resources which you have to invest in order to start your own business online.

  • Domain name. You've to register a domain name that precisely describes your business. In other words, you will make use of keyword research tool to find a suitable but short keyword domain name with at least 100 and above monthly search volume. As at the time of publishing this blog post, domain name registration cost is less than $10 if you go to official website from this link. 
  • Website hosting. You've to buy web hosting so that you can start a blog and make money online for free. You should read my article on how to get cheap and reliable web hosting so that you can take advantage of the available heavy discount when you sign up with HostGator which is one of the best web hosting companies I use and recommend. 
  • WordPress blog. When you buy a domain name and get web hosting, you've what it takes to create a blog for free if your web host uses cPanel software like HostGator. You can also read up on our article on how to start a blog and make money online if you are new to WordPress (WP) blog installation.

The basic steps to follow on how to start making money online right away are explained below. My readers from US (i.e. United States of America) and Canada will even find this money making system more profitable because HostGator and Bluehost do give free advertising credit to their new customers from these countries.

With that said, you can make use of the free PPC (pay per click) credit from Google and Yahoo through HostGator or Bluehost to start paid advertising campaigns immediately in order to generate targeted traffic to your blog who may become your subscribers or buyers ultimately.

Step #1: Choose a Niche Market

The first step is for you to research and choose a niche market you'll be working from based on your interest, knowledge or experience because you 'll be writing SEO articles to get website visitors when the need arises.
However, if you are very good at learning new subjects or topics as long as they are money makers, you can consider some of these broad, profitable and evergreen markets

  • Weight loss 
  • Travel and tours 
  • Computers and internet 
  • Jobs and employment 
  • Software and apps 
  • Parenting 
  • Dating and marriage 
  • Investing 
  • Etc

Step #2: Conduct Keyword Research

The essence of keyword research analysis is to determine first hand if there is enough demand for your online business ideas in your target niche. If a lot of your target audience are not searching for relevant keyword phrases which suggest intentions to buy a product or service, you're not there yet. You may have to look into another niche market.

Your goal is to continually provide value through content for your readers and then direct them to the solution which will hopefully solve their problems. But because you may not have the time to research and create digital product of your own to sell, we have to resort to finding and promoting affiliate products from established merchants and vendors. From one of our blog posts, you can learn more about how to start affiliate marketing business on a budget and succeed.

There are avalanche of online keyword research tools which you can subscribe to. However, majority of these tools are not free to use but Google Keyword Planner is. Simply sign up for Google Ads account even if you're not running a campaign immediately so that you can have free access to the Keyword Planner tool.

It will help you to quickly discover search queries which your target audience are entering into search engines to find products and services to buy and solve their nagging problems.

For example, I entered “garcinia cambogia” into the keyword research software and set my target country to US. This is a partial screenshot of all the search terms related to my seed keyword with their corresponding monthly search volume which people from US have typed into Google the previous months.

If I go through the list of all the search queries, I should be able to find long tail keyword phrases which I will target as I write SEO articles to publish on my blog. The best part is that there is garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement which you can promote and earn affiliate commissions in the lose weight market.

You should not dwell on this step for too long. Quickly pick 3-5 money keywords with reasonable monthly search volume. But make sure that your primary keyword phrase has at least 1,000 searches per month.

Step #3: Create a Blog for Free on WordPress (WP)

For you to successfully start a blog and make money online, you must get a domain name and web hosting. These are the bare bones of starting an online business. So, you should not skimp on this investment if your income goal is to learn how to start making money online right now.

Again, having website hosting account will afford you the opportunity to do so many things such as creating custom email address, doing 301 and 302 redirects, installing WordPress blog on your domain for free with one click button, and so forth.

You don't have to be tech savvy to do it. In short, I'm not! If you go through the QuickInstall wizard on your hosting dashboard, it is self tutorial as there is on-screen instructions and direction to install WP without technical or web design knowledge.

The real secret to this online money making system is that you will work less and earn more. Frankly speaking, you're not starting another blogging career out of this. No and far from it! You will simply write a blog page article targeting your primary keyword phrase and use it as your home page content. It could be between 2,000 and 3,000 words long. You can set it up from your general >> reading settings.

This is the main epic content you will ever write for this blog. But if you loathe researching and writing content, there is no problem at all. Click here now to go to and hire freelance content writer for cheap. Or if you like my writing style here, you can hire me as your freelance writer from this link.

I charge between $20 and $25 for 500 word blog post depending on the research involved which I believe is reasonable vis-a-vis the quality content you will get from my freelance writing services.

You should not forget to customize and optimize your blog for on-page SEO (search engine optimization). You can download, upload and activate the free WordPress plugin for SEO called All-In-One SEO Pack to set up your on page SEO. You should also remember to set up your permalink structure to “Post name” from your general settings icon on the left side panel of your WP dashboard.

Step #4: Monetize Your Blog

First of all, you will publish your article on a blog page and NOT AS BLOG POST. You can title it “Home” because it will permanently show up on the home page every time your website visitors enter your domain name URL on their browsers or follow a link.

For you to create WP page, simply click the page page icon on the sidebar panel of your WordPress admin. When the page template is open, type “Home” in the page title and copy and paste your article in the text template.

Now, go to general, then reading settings to edit and set up your article you named “Home” as your home page. You are raring to go because you don't have to write SEO articles to regularly publish on your blog. It is only when you feel like making your blog active which is common business sense.

For you to get affiliate products' links to place in your content, you can sign up with popular affiliate networks like,,,, etc.

in order to make an affiliate product easy to sell, you can buy it or ask for a review copy from the vendors. It will help you in no small way when writing product review article that is credible because you have first-hand experience and information about the said product or service you are promoting.

If you have a solid sales funnel in place and catchy call to action (CTA) in your content, you will be amazed at the results you'll be getting. Search engines will account for most of the free targeted traffic. This is how to start making money online right now. You should also use the free advertising credit to drive more traffic to your website too.

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