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How to Get HostGator Cheap Hosting with Free Domain Name

HostGator cheap hosting
In this special guide, I'll show you how to get HostGator cheap hosting with free domain name. Starting an online business has gotten easier now and you should take advantage of it so that you too can start making money online.

With less than $100.00 (One Hundred Dollars) for HostGator 1 year hosting (i.e. 365 days) as your business startup cost, you can build a website or start a blog and make money from home in so many ways you cannot even imagine now.

As you may already know, domain name registration and website hosting are essential web services you've to invest in to start your own business online. It allows you to have secured web servers where you can upload files, scripts, apps, database, and so on which will make your blog or web site to function properly.

Without a reliable web hosting, your potential website visitors will not be able to find your business on the World Wide Web. Because a lot of aspiring internet entrepreneurs, bloggers, affiliate marketers, webmasters, etc are working on a shoestring budget, I've put together this web hosting guide to walk you through the steps to get HostGator cheap hosting.

What this means is that finding a company offering free domain name registration with cheap web hosting will go a long way to facilitate the business process of things for you to get started without much financial stress.

In order to make sure my blog readers do not procrastinate because of lack of business capital, I decided to write this blog post and another HostGator tutorial PDF to help you start an internet business in earnest and seamlessly too.

It doesn't matter whether you're launching a website or blog for not-for-profit, personal, business, ecommerce store, membership site, forum and so on; you definitely need to register a domain name and buy web hosting to get started.

Your domain name is the web address for people to access and visit your website. It's like your house number where you live. Without having an online identity, nobody will know where you are, what you do and how to get to your place of business.

I'm using as the domain name to run this blog. It's our identity and business brand because we “show and tell” our readers and subscribers how to make money online from home without outrageous hype or bogus claims.

For example, and are household names today for search engine services and e-commerce retailing respectively. When you type these names on your browser and hit the 'enter' button on your keyword, you're immediately taken to their respective home pages.

In the light of the above, you've to get a good domain name to start your own dream project on the web. The best domain name you should look out for to register is keyword domain which convey good meaning with one or more business ideas behind it.

For instance, any individual or company that owns has EMD (exact match domain) to do his/their business. You don't have to explain to anyone what that domain name stands for on the internet, holding all other things constant.

To this end, make sure you register a domain that clearly suggests what you do in your business without explaining to anyone by word of mouth or writing long epistle to do so.

Let's look at a typical example of what I'm writing about getting a keyword domain name. is not an English word but a creative. This type of name is known as brandable domain.

If you can invent a word or mix and match an English word with your creative to get the best domain name, that would be great. Over time, online shoppers and website visitors will come to identify you with that brand name as your business domain. But you'll shell out good advertising budget to make your brand popular.

Yes, the downside of using brandable domain name is the cost of advertising in order to establish strong web presence. You've to heavily invest in paid advertising as well as search engine optimization (SEO) so as to gain traction to your website as quickly as possible.

It costs less than $10 per year to register a domain name to do your business. But HostGator is offering their first time customers free domain name registration for the first year. In other words, you can sign up with HostGator web hosting and get free domain name to start with.

For beginners, it will be of tremendous help and savings for you to manage your domain name and website hosting from the same company. You don't have to go through the hassle of visiting another registrar's website to update name servers with the name servers given to you by your web host.

As you get a free domain name with your HostGator cheap hosting, it will automatically resolve to your web host servers which is a huge time saver.

For new customers, HostGator now offer free domain name registration with their hosting service if you sign up for 12 months and above. For you to get HostGator cheap web hosting, click here now to go to their official website.

On their home page, you'll see the “Get started!” button or anything similar as shown in the screenshot below. Click on it to go to the next page.

The next page is where HostGator shared hosting plans are displayed side by side for you to select from. Please you've to bear it in mind that HostGator hosting plans come at various price points.
HostGator web hosting service at the shared level include Hatchling, Baby and Business plans which is what I'll focus on because it is budget friendly. But I'll advise you to click on the HostGator Baby Plan to sign up.

There is a reason for this. The Baby Plan will allow you to host unlimited domain names on the same hosting account which you've created with the company. But for the Hatchling Plan, you can only host one single domain. So, there will be no room for you to expand and grow your business in the near or remote future when your business starts flourishing.

After clicking on the HostGator Baby Plan, you'll be taken to the checkout page. This is where you've to fill out all the information required from you to set up your hosting account. Let's go through the items one after the other.

Item 1: Choose a Domain

Let me start from the very beginning to walk you through the steps to get free domain name and cheap web hosting from HostGator. At the top of the web page starting with item 1 is “Choose a Domain.”

You've 2 options here, namely, “Register a New Domain” and “I Already Own This Domain.”

If you don't have a registered domain name yet, click on the “Register a New Domain” option. You'll be able to type and confirm the availability of the domain you wish to register. If it is not taken, you can go ahead to register it. But if it taken as the case may be, simply search for other domain name ideas until you're successful.

The second option is when you already have a registered domain name probably with a separate registrar. You can click on “I Already Own This Domain” and type the domain name followed by TLD but without the hyper text protocol e.g.

HostGator domain name search engine will automatically search and integrate it as your primary domain name to set up your account.

Item 2: Choose a Hosting Plan

Strictly speaking, by clicking HostGator Baby Plan “Buy Now!” button in the previous step before arriving at the check out page, you've chosen your hosting plan already.

By the right hand side of this section is the billing cycle with a drop down list to select from, namely: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months.

For you to register a free domain name, you must select 12 months hosting and above. Better yet, it is cheaper to host for 36 months than 24 months and 12 months. Here is a comparable table I did for the different prices for 12, 24 and 36 months.

As you can see from the image above, the 3 years HostGator web hosting service comes down to $3.93 per month, the 2 years is $5.48 and 1 year is $7.17. You can now decide which number of months to sign up for. For me, the 36 months web hosting is the cheapest and it will make you to focus on running your internet business squarely from day one.

Item 3: Enter Your Billing Info

The third item on the list is for you to enter your billing information. This is quite straight forward. If your payment type is to use debit or credit card, you've to leave it at the default. But if you are using to make payment, simply click the radio button beside PayPal.

You've to make sure you select your country, city, state and type your zip code to complete this section.

Item 4: Add Additional Services

HostGator additional services are basically the add-on services outside the normal website hosting payment. Ticking any of the boxes in this section will add to the cost of your total amount of money you will finally pay.

Since we're focusing on cheap web hosting, I reasonably think you should deselect any add-on service that has been ticked by default by clicking the check box. For example, the image above has these 2 add-on services checked:

-Protect your site from hackers with help from SiteLock -Highly Recommended
-Backup Your Hard Work. (Powered By CodeGuard)

You can click the boxes to deselect them if you don't really need the services right now. You can always sign up for such services from your dashboard at any time.

Item 5: Enter a Coupon Code

This is how to get cheap web hosting from HostGator. Please pay close attention so that you can take advantage of HostGator discount offer. First of all, clear the coupon code box by deleting the code above. If you've successfully done that, you should have an empty box like this:

Now, type this special HostGator coupon code, BUSINESSDOER, in capital letters, into the empty field and click the “Validate” button.

It will be validated if you rightly type the HostGator discount coupon i.e. BUSINESSDOER into the box as shown in the screenshot below.

Item 6: Review Order Details

The final section of the checkout page is to review your order before clicking the box to agree to HostGator's terms of service and the “Checkout Now!” button. As you can see from the above image, you'll only pay $86.04 instead of $143.40 and saving a huge discount of $57.36 for 12 months website or blog hosting.

In conclusion, you can get free domain name and buy cheap web hosting from HostGator if you follow this tutorial as is. Hurrah!

How to Claim Your Bonuses

If you've used BUSINESSDOER as your HostGator coupon code to sign up, I've several bonuses for you to help you start an online business successfully and profitably. This is my royal appreciation for being our blog reader, fan and follower.

My team and I want you to succeed as you expectantly start your own business online. You can click here now to send us an email to request for some of our premium online marketing ebooks which include how to start a blog and make money online. 

Please remember to include your HostGator receipt of purchase in the email so that we know you took action after reading this blog post. Also, if you want to file this blog post on your personal computer (PC), laptop or smartphone, you can click here now to download the PDF version. 

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