Sunday, April 5, 2020

How to Make Money from a Website Step by Step -Part 1

If you're wondering how to make money from a website or blog, I believe this guide is for you because it sheds more light on the topic and can help you to get started almost immediately.

But you've to understand all the moving parts that make up a web site. In other words, all websites are not created equally; some can make money while others cannot because they were not primed to earn money as it were.

First and foremost, a website or blog that will make money online for you will have the following items properly set up:

  1. A domain name,
  2. Website hosting,
  3. Blog or website,
  4. Unique and quality content regularly published on your blog,
  5. Fair volume of targeted traffic to your website on a constant but increasing basis,
  6. Monetize your blog adequately, and
  7. Good relationship with your target audience/market.

If any of the above 7-point items is missing from your online business website, I cannot guarantee you will earn regular and sustainable income into the foreseeable future. A lot of aspiring bloggers and webmasters think building a website or creating a blog by itself will suffice to earn money online.

Nothing can be further from the truth! There are lots of house keeping details you've to complete from time to time in order to make your efforts worthwhile.

I'm not writing this to discourage you in any way but rather to prepare your mind for the work ahead and help you to avoid common online business failures and pitfalls majority of people make. It is unsavory to become has-been internet entrepreneur without earning enough to pay the bills while others have become millionaires working from home.

Do you already own a blog or website? If your answer is yes, you can continue with this blog post. But if you don't have a website yet, you can read our step by step tutorial on how to start an online business profitably and successfully without breaking the bank and sweat.

For you not to feel overwhelmed with an unending list of 101 ways to make money from a website, I'll only list and explain my top 5 best ways to monetize your blog and website which you own. Both beginners and veterans can make use of these methods without any constraints and make money.

Affiliate Marketing Business
If you're a keen observer on the internet, you'll notice that majority of bloggers, content publishers, webmasters, etc recommend products and services on their web sites via text links and banners.

Most of the time, they don't own these digital products. There are independent product creators, merchants and vendors who took the time to research and create the products for sale. They allow affiliate marketers to sell on their behalf as they cannot do all the selling by themselves because they don't own all the web traffic in the world.

To this end, merchants and vendors are always willing to set up affiliate programs for digital marketers to join and sell for them. They are also ready to share from their profits with affiliate marketers who have invested the time, money and energy to generate targeted traffic to their websites before a sale can be closed.

Let's assume a merchant for a weight loss product which is selling at $100 per product has an affiliate program. He has also decided to approve 20 percent of the selling price as affiliate commission to his affiliates.

If you start a blog and join the merchant's affiliate program, you can generate your affiliate link for the promotion of the product. Thereafter, you can start promoting the product via your link and when a prospect or lead who you will send to the merchant's site buys, you earn your commission of $20 per sale.

What happens if you're able to sell 5 of that product per day? You'll make $100 per day online by simply promoting a weight loss product which you don't even own. This is how to make money from a website blog using the affiliate marketing business model and it is beginner friendly.

The easiest and best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to start promoting products and services which you've personally used and have affiliate programs for you to sign up with. This way, you'll be able to relate with the usefulness and efficacy of the product or service and come across with your target audience.

You can write product review article or publish tutorial blog post teaching your target niche market the step by step way on how to do something. From your content, you can include CTA (call to action) as your affiliate link directing your readers to the merchant's official landing page.

To sum up this section, you've to make sure that you only promote products and services complementary to the content of your website and will add value to the lives of your blog visitors. You should not build a niche site about kitchen wares and start promoting and pasting affiliate links related to shoes and handbags.

The best you can do is to register a domain name about shoes, create a web hosting account for the domain and start a blog for free. With less than $10 to get a domain name and then hosted on your website hosting service that allows unlimited domains hosting on the same account, you can make passive income online month after month.

You can click here to download my free ebook on how to register a good domain name and get cheap web hosting to start your online business successfully. You can give me a shout out if you enjoyed reading the free ebook download.

You can bookmark this blog post on how to make money from a website. I'll be publishing the part 2 of it soon.

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