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How to Make Money from a Website Step by Step -Part 2

In part 1 of our blog post on how to make money from a website, we explained the affiliate marketing business model. Today, I want to start off with how to make money with Google Adsense. As a matter of fact, you can run Google Ads and affiliate products links concurrently on the same web site as long as you don't overdo it.

Make Money with Google Adsense

Pay per click advertising is a service offered to paying advertisers by search engine companies so that the adverts for their products and services can be displayed on the search engine result pages and/or on other advertising partners' network sites.

So, advertisers can sign up with any search engine company such as,,, etc on their platforms in order to advertise their products, services or brands to targeted audience and markets.

Now, as a website owner, you can partner with and sign up with them to get codes to paste on the pages of your website or blog. Based on the content on your website's pages, Google algorithm will automatically display adverts related to your blog's content.

The adverts Google is displaying on every site or blog are the PPC (pay per click) from their paying advertisers. To the advertisers it is known as Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) while to the webmasters it is Google Adsense.

And the corollary of this is that you get a share of the amount of money an advertiser is paying to Google to display his ads on your website every time your website visitor clicks on such advert to go to the advertiser's landing page, website or blog.

For you to make money with Google Adsense, you must build high quality content site which should be targeting lots of low competing long tail keyword phrases. So, you've to learn how to conduct keyword research to uncover profitable keyword phrases which you'll write content around. Making use of Google Keyword Planner tool is paramount to your success.

Google Adsense is the best and easy way to make money online if you know what you're doing. The highlights below will help you to build profitable Adsense sites without breaking a sweat.

  • Target high paying niche markets e.g. finance, credit cards, debt, foreclosure, technologies, business startups, etc. 
  • Use paid keyword research tool to quickly uncover profitable long tail keyword phrases with weak competition. 
  • Regularly write and publish rank-able and SEO optimized high quality content on your blog. 
  • Build back links to your web pages to fortify your page one ranking especially at positions 1-3 in Google SERP. 
  • Create essential pages on your blog to fully adhere to Google Adsense terms of service. These pages include disclaimer, earnings disclosure, privacy policy, site map, about me, contact me, etc. 
  • Have lots of content pages which display Google Ads but it should be a themed website with vertical and horizontal topics discussed. 
  • Have maximum number of Google Adsense adverts shown on every content page to increase your CTR (click through rate). 
  • Create user experience (UX) with your website visitors through content engagement and inter-linking web pages. Be conversational and let your writing style resonate with your target audience. 
  • Increase targeted traffic to your website from various sources i.e. make use of diversified traffic methods to increase your Adsense income.
Freelance Business Services

Do you know that your skill, talent or forte is worth millions of dollars on the internet if you can harness and use it to provide quality web services to other webmasters who need it?

All you've to do to be successful with freelance business services is to activate, hone and deploy your specific digital skills to good use. A lot of webmasters and online business owners need independent contractors on a daily basis to do odd jobs or complete tasks for them for various reasons.

Some internet business owners don't have the requisite skill to do certain jobs or the time to do it. What they can do is to hire or outsource these jobs to freelancers while they focus on KRAs (key result areas) in their web businesses.

You can offer freelance business services in so many ways including but not limited to freelance writing services, web design and development, virtual assistance, logo design, social media management, just to mention a few.

For you to make money with freelance services, you must be ready to stand out from the crowd. The web space is so crowded with the good, the bad and the ugly freelancers who are willing to offer dirt cheap virtual business services.

As a freelance content writer for hire myself, I know what it takes to get clients who are willing to pay premium rates for my freelance writing services because of the cut throat competition out there.

However, you can succeed with freelancing business if you can do the following:

  1. Build a freelance website to serve as your virtual office and brand. 
  2. Customize and optimize your website or blog for on-page SEO. 
  3. Create samples of your work and package them as your portfolio. 
  4. Do guest blogging on influential bloggers' sites in your niche to gain targeted exposure, backlinks and authority. 
  5. Regularly publish quality articles or posts on your blog and rank your website for keywords which your potential clients are likely to type into search engines' boxes to find freelance workers for hire.
Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit

Majority of webmasters and online entrepreneurs don't know that there is big time business from domain name investing. In case you don't know, the simple business model behind domain investing is to buy low and sell high.

For example, it costs less than $10 to hand register a domain name from a reputable domain registrar like If you can find potential buyers who have the need for the same name after registering a domain, you'll be amazed how much money you'll make from the transaction.

Domain investing is one of my forte and I make money with domain names every now and then. It's fun and profitable business to buy a domain name for about $8.99 and then turn around to sell it for $100 and above after few days of registration.

With less than $100 as your business startup cost, you can get domain names to resell for quick cash profits. I wrote a domain business guide some years back and I sold lots of copies of it like ice cream in a desert before I took it down due to sickness.

I may relaunch the domain flipping guide after mulling it over. You may check the details from this link later.

There are domain aftermarkets or secondary markets where you can buy and sell domain names for profit like,,,, etc. But you must first learn the basics, tips and secrets of successful domaining.

You should not go on a domain registration spree without honing the skills of spotting good domain names i.e. diamonds in the rough. Basically, the best domain name which you hope to sell at arm's length transaction must have good meaning or business idea behind it.

There is nothing as ecstatic as receiving legit inbound offers from potential buyers few hours after getting a domain name for cheap. Imagine registering a domain for $8.99 from your preferred domain name registrar and selling it for $499 few weeks later!

As a domain investor, this is the height of a profit-pulling online business to start from home without breaking the bank. You can learn more about buying and selling domain names from, and for free.

Write an Ebook and Make Money

Writing and selling ebooks online is big business. Self publishing including ebook publishing is one of the best ways to make passive income online. And you don't have to be a writer to sell ebooks online.

There is ghostwriter for hire who is affordable without compromising the quality of the electronic book. Better yet, your personal writing style is retained when writing an ebook for you.

But if you want to learn how to write an ebook and make money online, there is writing process and steps which you've to familiarize yourself with.

My Ebook Writing Steps:

  1. Identify and select a niche market that you have knowledge in, passion for or probably have interest in. 
  2. Analyze the market’s problems, wants, needs and/or desires. 
  3. Choose a broad ebook topic or idea that covers the major and specific problems identified from your analysis above. 
  4. Develop the ebook outline. 
  5. Write the ebook using the outline as your guide or roadmap. 
  6. Proofread and edit your ebook. 
  7. Prepare and secure your ebook. 
  8. Write the sales letter to sell your ebook. 
  9. Register a domain name and purchase a reliable web hosting service. 
  10. Build your landing page, design the ebook cover, header and footer or outsource if you cannot do it. 
  11. Set up and integrate payment processing “Buy Now” button to take orders e.g. PayPal Buy Now button. 
  12. Upload and secure your files and download pages on your web hosting web server. 
  13. Start applying some smart ebook marketing tips and strategies to sell your electronic book. 
  14. Make passive income online 
  15. Wash, rinse, and repeat in 2 or more niche markets.
I follow these basic steps to gather information about my target audience's wants and needs and simply provide the solution to fill the needs. If I can write an ebook and make money, anybody can do it. All you have to do is to learn the ropes and you'll the amazed at the results you will get.

In conclusion, you've discovered how to make money from a website or blog by monetizing it with affiliate products and services, Google Adsense codes, freelance business services, buying and selling domain names and writing an ebook and selling it online. Now, brace up yourself and get started. You'll succeed!

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